About The SRA


The SRA was founded in 1934 – so we have been representing and supporting Shortlands residents for 85 years. As the area developed local people were increasingly concerned about the lack of schools and other local amenities and nominated their own local councillor to represent their views.

We are non-party political and run on a voluntary basis – by local people and for local people. An executive committee is elected each year at our AGM which meets monthly.

We operate through a network of Liaison Officers. They act as street representatives who deliver newsletters and collect subscriptions – although we are increasingly encouraging members to pay subscriptions on line.

A copy of our rules is available here.

about the sra

What We Do

We aim to preserve the character and features of the area that make it such a pleasant place to live in. We work closely with local councillors, the London Borough of Bromley and other local organisations to take up local issues and concerns.

Planning and development

Given pressure on housing and an accelerating rate of change in our area, we closely monitor planning and development issues in Shortlands and Bromley town centre. We will raise objections where we think this appropriate, but we are not against all change! In many cases we make positive suggestions that improve proposals and make them more acceptable to local residents. You can read more about SRA’s general approach to planning here.

Traffic, parking and road safety

These are key concerns for local residents. We brought in a consultant to advise us and Bromley council on the impact of the new Harris Primary Academy in Kingswood Road and conducted a wide scale survey of local residents to get their views on road safety and parking, especially in the light of increasing commuter parking at Shortlands station.

Open meetings

We hold a series of open meeting where local people can raise concerns with the SRA and our locally elected representatives, in addition to our Annual General Meeting.

Keeping you in touch

We produce informative quarterly newsletters and information through our web site.

Safety and security

We work with and support our Community Police team.

Local Councillors

We always look to establish close working relationships with our locally elected representatives and seek their support to resolve any matters of concern.

Local history and events

We run a popular programme of local walks highlighting the range of interesting and historic buildings in the area and famous “Shortlanders”.

How To Join

The more members we have, the stronger our voice is. Download this form and read our membership recruitment leaflet.


The SRA covers more that just the Shortlands ward. As a result of boundary changes over the years – parts of Bromley Town (especially Shortlands “village”) and Copers Cope wards.

Click below to view a map or a list of roads covered by the SRA.