From DWO PCSO Adam Charles 31/03/2020

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From DWO PCSO Adam Charles 31/03/2020

Dear Residents

Please find below the crime record for the period to 31 March.

There was only one offence.

Please remain vigilant.  Despite the current restrictions crime is still occurring across the borough although from looking at our ward and the two neighbouring wards (Copers Cope & Kelsey and Eden Park) it has dropped to a very low level.

I hope you’re all bearing up well and i am still enjoying the opportunity to chat to those of you I see out and about.

Thanks for all your help and support as always.

Kind Regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer

SHORTLANDS CRIME RECORD 23/03/20- 31/03/20


27/03/20.  Late afternoon.  Westmoreland Road.  Bank card either pick pocketed or picked up by suspect after victim had dropped it.  Three fraudulent attempted payments declined.