Local crime update 30 June

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Local crime update 30 June

Dear Residents

Please see below the crime record for the period from 17 June to 30 June 2020.

Fortunately we’ve had no burglaries.  There were three thefts of vehicles, a similar number of thefts from vehicles and an attempted fraud.  It is best to keep your vehicle keys in a Faraday case or other foil/metallic container.  Tradespeople should always ensure they keep eyes on tools not being used and unlocked vehicles.  Similar advice applies to residents doing their own work re expensive tools ie when doing gardening or outdoor DIY.

Very pleasing to see that the victim of the attempted fraud realised what was going on, didn’t give any details and called police.

The team have been out and about on a combination of foot, vehicle and cycle patrols.  Good to see social distancing being well observed and people queueing in a patient and orderly manner during busy times at the shops.

Pleased that the combined efforts of police and sports club staff have improved the situation on the playing fields behind Wickham Way.  Thanks as always for your help & support.  Take care.

Kind Regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer

SHORTLANDS CRIME RECORD 17/06/20- 30/06/20

Theft from Motor Vehicle:

  1. 17/06/20 Mid afternoon- 20/06/20 late morning.  Hayes Way.  Catalytic convertor stolen from vehicle parked on road outside victim’s house.
  2. 18/06/20 Late morning 19/06/20 late morning.  Broadoaks Way.  Money & wheelnut stolen from vehicle parked on victim’s driveway.
  3. 26/06/20.    Late morning.  Valley Road.  Tools and breathing apparatus stolen from unlocked workman’s van.

Theft of Motor Vehicle:

  1. 21/06/20 Overnight.  South Hill Road.  Vehicle stolen from driveway.
  2. 25/06/20- 26/06/20.  Overnight.  Durham Road.  Vehicle stolen from driveway.
  3. 27/06/20.  Overnight.  Brabourne Rise.  Vehicle stolen from driveway.


  1. 26/06/20.    Late morning.  Valley Road.   Tool stolen from works site.  This offence and theft from motor vehicle 3 are separate reports even though it was one offence as the stolen tools belonged to different people.