Local crime update 31/10/2020

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Local crime update 31/10/2020

From our DWO PCSO Adam Charles:

Dear Residents

Please see below the crime record for the period to 31st October 2020.

Very pleasing to see there were no burglaries.

Vehicle crime still seems to be the biggest crime problem on the ward.  Remember take valuable items out of your vehicle when you head indoors, keep your keys in a foil or metal container and park with the back of your vehicle close to a wall or in a garage.  These precautions will reduce the chances of valuable items vehicles or catalytic convertors being stolen.

I was able to enjoy tea and cake with members of the congregation at St Mary’s Church after their morning service.  Unfortunately this kind of activity won’t be possible after today for a while.

Hopefully it won’t be too long.

Take the appropriate precautions when out and about and support friends, family and neighbours.  During the previous lockdown I came across many residents out taking their daily exercise whilst on

patrol and we had some enjoyable chats.

Thanks as always for your help and support.  Take care.

Kind Regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer

SHORTLANDS CRIME RECORD 16/10/20- 31/10/20  

Vehicle Interference:  18/10/20.  Mid evening.  St Mary’s Avenue.  Victim caught suspect rifling through their vehicle.  Police were called but suspects had already fled.

Theft of Motor Vehicle:  

20/10/20.  Early evening.  Pickhurst Park.  Vehicle stolen from driveway with cloned key.

Theft from Motor Vehicle:  

10/10/20- 20/10/20.  Durham Avenue.  Number plates stolen from vehicle.

Cycle Theft:  

21/10/20 Early morning- 22/10/20 early morning.  Outside Shortlands Station.  Bicycle stolen from bike rack.

Criminal Damage:  

23/10/20 Late evening- 24/10/20 mid morning.  Durham Avenue.  Car tyres slashed.

From our DWO PC Leanne Hartley

Hello, to all residents in Shortlands Ward,

I would like to leave with you a few points of information.

As it has already been previously raised by my colleague PCSO Adam Charles I would just like to remind residents to remain extra vigilant at this time of year when opportunists are out and about trying their luck.  Examples of the sort of volume crime that occur more during the season leading up to Christmas are Theft from Motor vehicle, the trying of car door handles (whereby an opportunist will look for a vehicle that is unlocked and then steal items within it), and last but not least burglary.

Shortlands, although a Ward which doesn’t see a high volume of crime, the ones listed above are the most common occurring as of late in the borough.

Catalytic convertor thefts namely being one.

Models of vehicle that have been targeted are Toyota Auris, Toyota Prius, Honda jazz, Lexus.  These models of car in particular have platinum made up in the catalytic converters making them very favourable to those looking to make quick money due to the metal value.  If you have a garage it is advised to make use of it where practical.  If you have a drive then park the rear of the car as close to a wall or garage door as possible this can make it more difficult for perpetrators to access the catalytic convertor which in turn makes your vehicle less fruitful to an opportunist.

Theft from motor vehicle:

In some cases it will be a matter of someone or persons trying car door handles to see if the owner has mistakenly forgotten to lock their doors; other times opportunists will go equipped to break into a vehicle.  Whichever it may be, the advice would be to ensure doors are locked prior to leaving your vehicle.  Where possible keep your vehicle in sight of your home CCTV (or another residents).  In case your vehicle is targeted this will either act as a prevention aid or assist in identifying the perpetrator/s for an investigation.


Burglary isn’t pleasant and can have a huge impact on both victims of the burglary and residents within close proximity.  CCTV, where possible, acts as both a prevention aid and also can prove useful in an investigation whereby CCTV may identify perpetrators of the offence.

I would also like to add that as DWO’s we have listened to residents concerned and observed the issues around speeding, specifically in the Westmorland road area and have a commitment to ensure public safety.

We have been in talks with our Inspector Baker and it has been confirmed that for two days a month we shall be observing speeding within the local Wards with the use of a speed van and/or speed guns.

When these operations have taken place each month this will be published on NextDoor and Twitter so as to make residents aware and provide reassurance.

I hope this proves useful to you all.

Kindest regards

PC Hartley 1808SN