Local crime update 15/10/2020

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Local crime update 15/10/2020

Dear Residents

Please find below the crime record for the period from 1st Oct to 15th Oct.

Generally speaking things are going well.  Catalytic convertor theft still seems to be happening a lot across the borough so remember to try and park in the garage or with the rear of your vehicle against a wall if possible.   Some of these offences have been committed during the daytime by people who look like mechanics.  On at least one occasion a victim’s neighbour has seen it happen but not called police as they thought their neighbour had called a mobile mechanic to their house.   They have been in a van or car and usually wearing a high visibility jacket.  The vehicles they use will usually be on false or cloned plates so try to remember any distinctive features of vehicles in addition to VRMs e.g. scratches and dents along with distinguishing features of the suspects.

The team have been carrying out the usual mix of vehicle, cycle and foot patrols across the ward stopping and searching persons and vehicles as appropriate.  We’ve also been carrying out the friendlier side of the job engaging with residents of all ages.

Officers will be out in the area on patrol in the evening on Halloween keeping a general eye on things.  Fortunately the last few years have mainly seen young children out with their parents trick or treating in a civilised manner.  Please contact police by the appropriate means if there are any issues on the night.  Hopefully there won’t be.

Take care and thanks for all your help and support as always.

Kind Regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer

SHORTLANDS CRIME RECORD 01/10/20—15/10/20 
 Theft from Motor Vehicle: 
  1. 05/10/20.  Late evening.  Romanhurst Gardens.  Catalytic convertor stolen from vehicle parked on road.
  2. 06/10/20.  Early afternoon.  South Hill Road.  Catalytic convertor stolen from vehicle parked on road.
  3. 07/10/20.  Overnight- early morning.  Shortlands Road.  COVID mask stolen.


  1. 08/10/20.  Early evening.  Westmoreland Road.  Victim robbed of phone on doorstep by person he thought had come to buy it after advertising it for sale.


  1. 07/10/20.  Early morning.  Westmoreland Road.  Bicycle stolen from bike shed on front driveway of house.