Local crime update 15/11/2020

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Local crime update 15/11/2020

Dear Residents

Please see below the crime record for the period to 15th November.

Very pleasing to see no burglaries over the last fortnight and for the majority of days we were crime free.  One of the two theft of motor vehicle offences appears to have been done in the old-fashioned way, by breaking a window and reaching in as smashed glass was found on the driveway.  Steering wheel locks are a useful tool for preventing vehicles being taken if someone does get into your vehicle.  Regarding the attempted robbery, the information received was very vague.  It may have been an argument between friends or an attempted robbery.  Officers did attend and speak to the victim.

Many residents have contacted us recently about white bricks placed on the roadside which may have been used by criminals marking targets.  There’s been one crime committed close to the areas where bricks have been seen in late October but no further offences since.  If you do see bricks in this position, if possible, please remove them.  I’ve moved a few myself while out on patrol.

(See also further comment from DWO PC Leanne Hartley below)

Stay safe during these tough times.

Thanks as always for your help & support.

Kind Regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer


Vehicle Interference:

05/11/20 Overnight.  Hayes Way.  Suspect(s) entered vehicle parked on driveway and carried out untidy search.

Theft From Motor Vehicle: 

05/11/20 Early morning- 07/11/20 late morning.  Cumberland Road.  Iphone stolen from car parked on driveway.

From our DWO PC Leanne Hartley:

Dear Residents,

At this stage you have been provided with the most up to date information (as given in Adam’s report above).

So far there have been no repercussions off the back of the white bricks being left outside dwellings and there is no further information to suggest this will develop into anything more sinister than the circumstances in which they are found.

There have been no reports of burglary or attempted burglary as a result and therefore this will be merely treated as intelligence only at this time.  Please be reassured that we are taking this extremely seriously and are well aware that at this time of year there are many an opportunist that will seek to carry out such offences. Patrols are and will continue to be heightened along the areas of concern where there has been a spout of calls regarding the white bricks. I  kindly ask that should anybody witness any person/s  leaving white bricks outside what they suspect to be targeted addresses, to contact police immediately so that positive action can be taken.  At the moment no one has been identified and any further leads to source an investigation will be based on gathering information and intelligence which police heavily rely on from the general public and any recorded footage namely CCTV of this being carried out.  This may help identify those responsible.

Kindest regards


PC Hartley 1808SN

Shortlands Safer Neighbourhoods