Local crime update 15 June

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Local crime update 15 June

Dear Residents

Hope you’re all well.  Please find below the crime record for the period 1st June to 15th June.  Unfortunately,  the last two weeks have seen a bit of an increase in crime on Shortlands.  This may be due to the fact that people are out and about more.  Remember to make sure your home is secure when you head out and not to leave valuable items in unattended vehicles.

Very pleasing that one of the two vehicles was recovered by use of a tracker.

All three burglaries could have been prevented with better security.

Catalytic convertor theft is a problem on the Borough at the moment.  In order to make it harder for thieves, try and park with the rear of your vehicle against a fence or wall if you can’t park in a garage.  SUVs are particularly vulnerable as their higher rears make it easier for thieves to get underneath them.

Remain vigilant and keep us informed about any concerns you have re crime and/or ASB.

Kind Regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer

Shortlands Crime Record 01/06/20 – 15/06/20

Theft from Motor Vehicle:
31/05/20 Late evening- 01/06/20 Mid morning.  Styles Way.  Catalytic convertor stolen from vehicle parked on road.
03/06/20.  Early afternoon.  Overhill Way.  Catalytic convertor stole
11/06/20 Late afternoon- 12/06/20 early morning.  Oakham Drive.  Wallet stolen from vehicle.
01/06/20.  Early afternoon.  Pickhurst Lane.  Bicycle stolen from garage where door had been left partially open.
30/05/20 (Delay in reporting as victim thought stolen bicycle had been borrowed).  Mid morning- early evening.  Queen Anne Avenue.  Suspect entered back garden and stole bicycle from shed.
07/06/20.  Mid afternoon- early evening.  Durham Avenue.  Sim card, jewellery & tools stolen from flat after occupant had left door unlocked while sitting in communal garden.
Theft of Motor Vehicle:07/06/20.  Late evening.  Durham Avenue.  Vehicle stolen from driveway