Local crime update 30/09/2020

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Local crime update 30/09/2020

Dear Residents

Please find below the crime record for the period from 16th Sept to 30 Sept 2020.

Please take note of the recent fraud offence.  Companies would not contact you by phone in this way if you were owed a refund and then direct you to visit various websites.  If you do receive a call like this hang up and contact the company they claim to be from. Also inform police and/or action fraud.  Check your bank accounts ASAP to check whether any money has been taken and speak to your bank if it has.  Fortunately, on this occasion the victim’s bank refunded the money.

Good to see that the burglary rate continues to remain low.

Very pleased to see people on the ward are sticking to the rules re social distancing and face coverings.

Kind regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer

SHORTLANDS CRIME RECORD 16/09/20- 30/09/20

 17/09/20 Mid evening- 19/09/20 early afternoon.  Broad Oaks Way.  Shed broken into.  Two bicycles stolen after suspects cut door chain in two.

Theft of Motor Vehicle: 

16/09/20 Early afternoon- 18/09/20 late evening.  Durham Avenue.  Vehicle stolen.  No further information available at this stage.


21/09/20.  Overnight.  Kingswood Avenue.  Table and bench stolen from front garden.


19/09/20.  Whitecroft Way.  Victim received call from male who said he could help her retrieve an overcharge from Amazon.  Directed the victim to various websites  which allowed him to hack her computer and find her bank details stealing a large amount of money.  Fortunately the bank were able to refund the money.

Theft from Motor Vehicle: 

25/09/20 Mid evening- 27/09/20 early morning.  Aylesbury Road.  Power tool and keys stolen.