Local Crime Update 31/03/2021

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Local Crime Update 31/03/2021

Dear Residents

Please see below the crime record for the period from 18th March to 31st March 2021.

Very pleasing to see so little crime in the last fortnight.

However it’s very sad to see what happened at Westmoreland Road re the theft of a bank card.  I would strongly advise anyone who has difficulty with a card machine to approach a member of staff at the place where they are trying to make the payment.  Although most of our fellow citizens are honest decent people, incidents like this show that sadly there is a nasty minority that are not and will take advantage of the vulnerability of others.

On Tuesday the team were in St Mary’s Avenue carrying out speed checks.  Very pleased to report that the highest speed recorded was 33 mph.  Let’s hope this trend continues and people are being more careful with their speed.

Thanks as always for your help & support.  Hope you all have a nice Easter and are able to catch up with friends and family now restrictions have been eased a little.  Sadly the weather forecast doesn’t look great for outdoor gatherings.  Take care.

Kind Regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer


SHORTLANDS CRIME RECORD 18/03/21- 31/03/21

Theft from Motor Vehicle:

19/03/21- 20/03/21.  Overnight.  Westmoreland Road.  Money, logbook & MOT record book stolen from car park at block of flats.

Vehicle Interference:

24/03/21.  Late evening.  Bushey Way.  Suspects got into victim’s vehicle and attempted to start the engine.  Fled on foot after being unable to start the vehicle.  Although victim called 999 suspects had gone prior to police arrival and CCTV did not show clear facial images.