Noise nuisance

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Noise nuisance

If you are experiencing noise nuisance your first call should be to the environmental health team at Bromley council. Their contact details are via email or telephone 0300 303 8657. You can also find their webpage at

You will be sent information on how to set install the Noise App. The Noise App is a very good tool to record nuisance noise which is happening live. The voice recording can be made up to 30 sec long and sent straight to the noise investigation team. This has the advantage of the team being able to hear what’s going on and where it is.

To echo the teams point, the following are not considered noise nuisance:

  • footsteps
  • dropping objects
  • light switches being switched on/off
  • general talking
  • doors closing
  • toilet flushing
  • babies crying
  • children playing
  • kitchen appliances – washing machines, blenders etc.

Many thanks,

Adam Lighterness PCSO 7123S

Hayes and Coney Hall SNT