Scam warning

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Scam warning

Dear All,
Please be on the alert for scammers – unfortunately, as you get rid of one, another pops up to take its place.
There are a lot of “missed parcels” scams going on at the moment, where they try to get you to log onto a website and part with money in order to get your parcel back after being left a note from an alleged parcel company. This will no doubt be continuing over the festive season so please be very careful if you do get a note through the door.

We have also had fake ‘phone calls being reported where someone claims to be police telling you that your card has been cloned and used in London. Eventually the call will get round to you using your actual card to pay a large amount of money to “prove” that you have access to your account and will be “refunded” by the police. Unfortunately, this one is as old as the hills and usually works better for the scammers as people are out more in the run up to Christmas; especially in town. Please be wary of any ‘phone call and do not part with any money. Call us if you are suspicious and feel free to pass our details onto the caller!

Please remember that in the event of an emergency always call 999.

If the situation is not urgent call 101.


Adam Lighterness


Hayes and Coney Hall SNT

West Wickham Police Office