Local Crime Update 15/11/2021

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Local Crime Update 15/11/2021

Dear Residents

Hope you’re all well.

Please find below the crime record for the period from 1st Nov to 15th Nov 2021 .

Very pleasing to see a drop in theft of motor vehicle in the last fortnight with just one offence occurring.

Disappointing to see both an attempted robbery and a burglary.  Very pleased that the attempted robbery victim was able to escape without losing any property and get straight to the police station as shown in further detail on the attachment.

Generally speaking, crime remains low and Shortlands is a safe place to live & work.

Lea & I were able to attend the Remembrance Day Service at St Mary’s Church today (14/11/2021).  Lea laid the wreath while I assisted with traffic control.  It was a very nice moving service.  After the service it was nice to have coffee and talk with members of the congregation.  This Friday (19/11/21) we’ll be holding a drop-in surgery at Shortlands Library, Shortlands Road from 4pm to 5pm.  Everyone welcome.

On Thursday 25/11/21 Chris, Lea & I will be doing a road safety and stranger danger talk at Highfield Junior & Infant Schools.  These opportunities to interact with children are always very enjoyable and hopefully the children will find it informative and learn from it.

Thank you as always for your help and support.

Kind Regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer


SHORTLANDS CRIME RECORD 01/10/2021 – 15/11/2021

Theft from Motor Vehicle: 

  1. 03/11/21.  Late morning.  Elwill Way.  Tools stolen from van through side door.  Victim called 999.  Unfortunately despite an area search the suspects and their vehicle could not be found.
  2. 04/11/21.  Late evening.  Pickhurst Park.  Catalytic convertor stolen.
  3. 10/11/21.  Late morning.  Mays Hill Road.  Van window smashed.  Tools stolen
  4. 10/11/21.  Early afternoon- early evening.  Westmoreland Road.  Number plates stolen


  1. 04/11/21.   Late morning.  Mays Hill Road.  Informant’s had left an old fireplace on the driveway while waiting for the person who had purchased it on ebay to come and pick it up.  Suspects walked on to the drive and took it.
  2. 05/11/21.  Late afternoon.  St Mary’s Avenue.  Lawn mower stolen after victim left it on his front lawn while popping in to see a neighbour.

Theft of Motor Vehicle: 

  1. 07/11/21.  Overnight- mid morning.  Pickhurst Park.  Vehicle stolen fron driveway.

Criminal Damage: 

  1. 05/11/21 Early morning- 06/11/21 early morning.  Broadoaks Way.  Rear window of vehicle smashed.


  1. 10/11/21.  Early evening.  Durham Avenue.  Suspect(s) entered flat by using edged object to open door after victim forgot to lock mortice.  Entry to block still gained despite the block having an entryphone.  Money, kitchen knife & watch stolen.

Attempted Robbery: 

  1. 12/11/21.  Mid evening.  Westmoreland Road outside St Mark’s Church.  Two teenagers attempted to snatch phone from another teenager.  Fortunately the victim was able to escape and ran into the front office of Bromley Police Station.  Area search carried out but no trace.  No CCTV footage as suspects fled into residential area where there is no CCTV.