Local Crime Update 28/02/2021

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Local Crime Update 28/02/2021

Dear Residents

Please find below the crime record for February.  Due to being on leave for most of the month I’ve done one record to cover the entire month.

Very pleasing to see no burglaries.  Unfortunately, we did have a bit of a rise in motor vehicle crime and will be monitoring the areas where these have been occurring. The best way to prevent vehicle crime is to remove valuable items and take them indoors and to keep your keys in a tin or foil container as this makes it harder for other devices to read them.

Disappointing to see rogue traders managing to trick someone out of money.  If you are intending to have work done make sure you get a written quote covering all costs before making a decision whether to go ahead.  This should include how much needs to be paid before the work commences and all further payment requirements right through to the end of the work.

Officers from the team recently conducted speed checks in Barnfield Wood Road.  Around four drivers were spoken to for driving at around 35 mph and several others were spoken to regarding other matters.  All stops were satisfactory.

Thanks as always for your help and support.  Take care.

Kind regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer

SHORTLANDS CRIME RECORD 01/02/21- 28/02/21 

Theft from Motor Vehicle: 

  1. 31/01/21- 01/02/21 Overnight.  Shortlands Road.  Window smashed.  Wallet containing driving licence and bank cards stolen.
  2. 02/02/21- 03/02/21 Overnight.  Durham Road.  Glasses & sunglasses stolen from van parked in communal area outside block of flats
  3. 02/02/21- 03/02/21 Overnight.  Queen Anne Avenue.  Dash camera & currency stolen from vehicle parked on driveway.
  4. 13/02/21 Early evening- 14/02/21 early morning.  Kingswood Avenue.  Money stolen from vehicle.
  5. 17/03/21.  Overnight.  Shortlands Road.  Ipod stolen from vehicle.  Suspects arrested.  Ongoing investigation.
  6. 23/02/21 -24/02/21.  Overnight.  South Hill Road.  Bank cards & ID card stolen.

Vehicle Interference: 

  1. 03/02/21- 04/02/21.   Overnight.  Queen Anne Avenue.  Untidy search of vehicle parked on driveway.  Nothing stolen.
  2. 23/02/21 -24/02/21.  Overnight.  South Hill Road.  Untidy search of vehicle parked on driveway.  Nothing stolen.


05/02/21.   Late morning.  Aylesbury Road.  Male attended address saying he worked for a company that had done some work there in the past.  Told occupant he needed some roof work and asked for £130 as a deposit before requesting £2000 which the victim withdrew from the bank.  Has not returned to start the work and said he requires a further £2000 before he can.

Theft of Motor Vehicle: 

  1. 17/02/21.  Overnight.  Wickham Way.  Vehicle stolen from driveway.
  2. 20/02/21 Mid afternoon- 22/02/21 early morning.  Whitecroft Way.  Vehicle stolen from driveway.
  3. 28/02/21 Mid afternoon- 01/03/21 late morning.  Queen Anne Avenue.  Vehicle stolen from driveway.