SRA objects to planning proposals for 2 Warren Avenue

SRA objects to planning proposals for 2 Warren Avenue

The proposal involves the demolition of a prominent Victorian landmark highly visible on the junction of Farnaby Rd., Warren Avenue and Bromley Avenue. While not locally listed it is highly visible from all three of these roads and is very well known locally.

The proposal to demolish the existing building and replace it with a largely glass building of four storeys including ground floor would create an entirely different character to the area. There are no other blocks of flats nearby.

The SRA has objected on the grounds that Policy 3 of the Bromley Local Plan states that new residential development will only be considered acceptable on back land or garden land if all the following criteria are met:

  1. there is no unacceptable impact upon the character, appearance and context of an area in relation to the scale, design and density of the proposed development;
  2. there is no unacceptable loss of landscaping, natural habitats or play space or amenity space;
  3. there is no unacceptable impact on the residential amenity of future or existing occupiers through loss of privacy, sunlight, daylight or disturbance from additional traffic;
  4. a high standard of separation and landscaping is provided.

In our submission this proposal fails in all categories. It will be substantially bulkier than the existing building and will look entirely different from all surrounding buildings damaging the street scene. The existing fairly substantial garden area will be lost to a car park.

The bulk of the proposed new building will damage the amenity of nearby buildings.