Another scam warning

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Another scam warning

From our neighbouring Ward PCSO Adam Lighterhouse in Hayes and Coney Hall:

Dear residents,

Please be aware that we have had a new scam attempt reported on the Ward.

Some elderly and vulnerable people receiving ‘phone calls from people claiming to be the police and organising a care package. They are then told to pay a nominal amount for this and the package will be delivered by officers later that day and left on the doorstep.

Please help us in spreading the word that this is a scam and should be ignored. They are targeting those in our society who need this help the most. There are many good people doing volunteer work in our community both locally and nationally but unfortunately others who will take advantage.

Thank you for your support and for following the recommended government guidelines; I know its not easy but people across the Ward really have been doing their bit and it is appreciated.

Many thanks,


PCSO Adam Lighterness, PCSO 7123SN, Hayes and Coney Hall SNT