Local Crime Update 15/10/2021

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Local Crime Update 15/10/2021

Dear Residents

Hope you’re all well.  Please find below the crime record for the period from 1st October to 15th October 2021.
The good news is we’ve had no burglaries. Unfortunately, after a very good first week of October we’ve had a bit of a hit on vehicle crime.  Fortunately some of the victims did have Faraday cases for their keys.  Remember to take valuable items indoors and don’t leave them in your vehicles overnight.  Could also be worth looking into keeping vehicles in your garage if possible or looking into getting a gate or bollard for your driveway.  If anyone has any concerns, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.
Still on the subject of motor vehicles, we carried out a traffic operation on Wednesday 13/10/21 at three sites across our own ward, Penge and Kelsey & Eden Park.  For the Shortlands part of the operation we were based on St Mary’s Avenue.  Two people were given tickets for using mobile phones whilst driving on St Mary’s Avenue while others were stopped for document and insurance checks.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get a speed gun.  On the Penge part of the operation in Croydon Road five tickets were issued for mobile phone use and three other drivers processed for licence and/or insurance matters.
Thanks as always for your help and support.

Kind Regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer


SHORTLANDS CRIME RECORD 01/10/2021 – 15/10/2021

Theft of Motor Vehicle:  

  1. 08/10/21- 09/10/21.  Overnight.  South Hill Road.  Car stolen from driveway.
  2. 09/10/21- 10/10/21.  Overnight.  Malmains Way.  Vehicle stolen from driveway.  Recovered in Ilford after a member of public spotted the vehicle and called police thinking it was abandoned.
  3. 10/10/21.  Mid afternoon.  Kingswood Road.  Vehicle taken after victim left keys in ignition when they ran back into their friend’s house to collect something.  Found a few minutes later in Overhill Way.

Theft from Motor Vehicle:  

  1. 08/10/21- 09/10/21.  Overnight.  Colebrooke Rise.  Rear number plate stolen.
  2. 10/10/21.  Overnight.  Queen Anne Avenue.  Ipad & camera accessories stolen from vehicle parked on driveway