Scam warnings concerning Covid-19

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Scam warnings concerning Covid-19

I just wanted to issue a reminder regarding scammers. Unfortunately, these people do not seem to give up and the Covid-19 pandemic has just given further opportunities for exploitation of people.

There have been reports that people are knocking at doors claiming to be from the health and safety executive and selling Coronavirus test kits from the door. This is rubbish and not true. There is no such initiative currently being run by the HSE, local council or the government. If you get these people knocking at the door call police on 999.

There have also been emails claiming to getting cheap deals on products such as masks, hand sanitiser and other safety products. Please ignore and delete these emails. They are all just a ploy to get you to hand over your money for nothing in return. Be particularly wary of emails from people outside of your contact list asking you to download attachments and certainly NEVER give remote access to your computer to others.

As well as the Covid-19 scams the usual scams continue. The most common have been the ones offering you a refund and I have had residents reporting this from people pretending to be British Gas, Virgin Media and HMRC. These can all be reported through Action Fraud.

If you fear that someone you know may have fallen victim to one of these scams call police on 101. If there is a crime in progress ALWAYS call 999.

Please stay safe and thank you for reading,


Adam Lighterness


Hayes and Coney Hall SNT