Scotts Avenue proposed closure at junction with Bromley Road

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Scotts Avenue proposed closure at junction with Bromley Road

Many residents have expressed their concern about the proposal to block Scotts Avenue to through traffic. This idea is part of a plan to introduce segregated cycle lanes on both sides of Bromley Road between Shortlands Road and Albemarle Road.

The Government is funding changes to London’s streets to facilitate walking, cycling and social distancing on a temporary basis as part of the recovery from Covid-19.

We knew about the cycle lane idea but were unaware of the proposal to close Scotts Avenue at the junction with Bromley Road. The reason provided by the Environment and Public Protection Department of the London Borough of Bromley is to make it safer for cyclists coming up the hill by avoiding traffic turning into Scotts Avenue. The undated notice from LBB says that it will avoid ‘rat running’ through Scotts Avenue and improve the amenity of residents.

However, residents have raised many objections including: –

  • the uphill cycle lane would be dangerous in particular because of the island near the junction with Park Hill Road;
  • Scotts Avenue is not used as a rat run;
  • the Bishop Challoner exit is on to Scotts Avenue and if exiting traffic was forced along Scotts Avenue there would be a great increase in traffic the whole length of the road. This raises road safety issues for children leaving school;
  • All traffic would have to enter Scotts Avenue from Scotts Lane and then to leave would have to turn round and exit onto Scotts Lane. This would cause severe difficulties for deliveries and, for example, for rubbish collection.

Many residents are very concerned about the lack of proper consultation about the closure of one end of Scotts Avenue and the consequences.

However, it does appear that some residents are in favour of what is proposed.  The SRA, with local residents, will monitor the impact of the road blocking if it goes ahead.

If you wish to comment on the proposals please do so urgently by emailing No consultation period was given on the LBB notice but the plan was to commence the proposed work late October/early November.