Local Crime Update 30/04/2024

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Local Crime Update 30/04/2024

Dear Residents

Please find below the crime records for the latter half of April from 18th to 30th April.  Over the last fortnight the crime rate’s been very low.  Very pleasing to see no thefts from motor vehicle or vehicle interference.  Hopefully this will continue as long as people continue to take the correct precautions.
Please continue to keep making us aware of suspicious persons and/or vehicles.  The intelligence that can be provided from this information not only keeps Shortlands & Park Langley safe but also other areas. This information is often passed on to other Officers across the Basic Command Unit (BCU) and sometimes neighbouring BCUs.
On the community engagement side our next drop in surgery will be this Saturday (04/05/24) at Shortlands Library from 10am to 11am.  Hopefully Officers will be able to visit St Mary’s Church this Sunday (05/05/24) for post service coffee, and on the following Sunday (12/05/24) with a visit to the youth club. Also planning to attend the community café on Wednesday 15/05/24.  We’ll also be holding “Cuppa With A Copper” sessions at Costa Coffee, Westmoreland Road on Saturday 11/05/24 and Friday 17/05/24.  Both of these will be from 4pm to 5pm.  Hope to see some of you at these events.

Thanks as always for your help and support.

Kind regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer


SHORTLANDS CRIME RECORD 18/04/2024 – 30/04/2024

Theft of Motor Vehicle:
  1. 19/04/24.  Late evening.  Farnaby Road.  Vehicle stolen from driveway.  Toyota Rav4.
  2. 17/04/24.  Late evening.  Ravensbourne Avenue.  Vehicle stolen from driveway.  BMW X5.
  1. 29/04/24.  Farnaby Road.  Overnight.   Building site broken into after suspect damaged fence to gain access.  Nothing stolen after suspect fled when alarm sounded.  This led to a response from the security company who detained suspect and called police.
  1. 20/04/24.  River Park Gardens.  Parcel stolen from doorstep.