What’s going on in Shortlands Village?

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What’s going on in Shortlands Village?

There are two very significant development issues right now.

Everybody will be aware of the boarded-up shops right in the middle of the Village.

The Village retains its largely Victorian aspect in particular above shop level. The shops behind the boards have been the subject of no less than three planning applications over the last couple of years, all rejected by the local planning authority.

The first application involve the creation of a single shop at ground floor level and included conversion of the present single large flat above the shops into six flats.

The most recent application was much simplified and involved retaining the flat as it is now. However it still involved the creation of a single shop at ground floor. Bromley planning has rejected all applications as an unsatisfactory alteration to the present aspect. This issue has caused a very unwelcome impasse; on the one hand planners wish to preserve what we have, and that is to be applauded but the result is that a substantial part of the Village has contributed nothing to commercial activity for some years and is something of an eyesore.

There is an additional significant problem; with each of these applications was a parallel application simply to demolish the buildings and, if necessary, to do no thing subsequently, clearly the worst possible situation. These applications have also been refused but the most recent such application is going to appeal. The problem is that demolition has its own regime and there are very limited grounds for denying demolition.

The other very important proposal for the future is the development of what has come to be known as the Shortlands Friendly Village, with the object of improving public spaces in and near the station in particular. While this may take a few years to develop it will be a very welcome improvement for the Village. Please see the newsletters for more detail or https://www.bromley.gov.uk/info/200079/regeneration/1363/shortlands_friendly_village_scheme.